Liam Morgan lives and works in Berlin and Taipei, while maintaining bases in Bangkok and Stockholm. He has been working in the film industry since 2003, when he got his start at the legendary documentary production organisation Images Asia.  Since his early involvement in social-issue documentary, he has gone on to shoot narrative feature-films and series, TVCs, documentaries and music videos in many countries in Europe, Asia and North America with names such as Angelina Jolie, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Michelle Yeoh.  He has been part of the award-winning documentaries Ghost Fleet and Burma VJ.

     In 2020 his expanded cinema work Sun Moon Lake is a Concrete Box was a finalist for the prestigious Tai Shin award. Brands such as Nike, Canon, GSK, Dove, Hewlett-Packard and Pantene are included in his past commercial work. Most recently, in September 2021, he wrapped principal photography on the Swedish feature film The Letting Go, directed by Thomas Nordanstad.

     Aside from his work in cinema, Liam is active as a contemporary artist.  He maintains the website documenting his practice.